If you’re dealing with a financial emergency in Nampa, Idaho, taking out a short-term personal loan from 1st Choice Money Center is the ideal solution.

Our installment programs are designed to quickly provide you with the funds you need – and unlike traditional payday loan providers, we offer affordable repayment terms. Turn to us, and you can get approval within minutes, regardless of your credit history.

Need home or car repairs? Behind on the bills? Planning a major purchase? Whatever your reason for needing quick cash, the 1st Choice team is ready to help.

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Smart Alternatives to Payday Loans

A short-term personal loan from 1st Choice Money Center is similar to borrowing from a payday lender in that you can get cash in your hands immediately. Beyond that, however, the two options have nothing in common.

Payday loans come with strict repayment terms, and borrowers are required to repay the full balance – with interest, of course -- on or before their next payday. If that’s not possible, the lender requires interest-only payments that are typically too high to allow borrowers to put any money toward reducing the debt. 

Our personal loans, on the other hand, have a much lower interest rate than payday loans. We don’t require a single lump-sum payment, either. You’ll pay down the balance over time, making affordable monthly payments for a period of up to two years. Plus, unlike a payday loan, if you repay the debt on time, a short-term personal loan can boost your credit score.

Quick Cash Loans with No Credit Check

If you have no credit history – or if you have bad credit – heading to a Nampa payday lender may seem like your only option. That isn’t the case.

At 1st Choice Money Center, we offer quick cash loans without a credit check. With us, your credit history doesn’t matter. To provide you with an approval, we’ll just need to see your most recent pay stubs, a valid ID, proof of address, and some other basic information.

Because our quick cash loans require no credit check, getting the funds you need won’t be a problem. And with our friendly professional team, you can expect the process to be both easy and stress-free.

Trust the 1st Choice Team to Meet Your Needs

With multiple locations throughout Idaho and Utah, 1st Choice Money Center has helped countless people from all walks of life handle financial emergencies. We offer a range of lending programs – including quick cash loans, personal loans, and car title loans – with no credit check, no pre-payment fees, and no hidden costs.

Have questions? Or do you need cash in a hurry? Fill out our online application to get a short-term personal loan from 1st Choice Money Center today.