In a cash crunch? You may think a payday loan is the solution, but if you’re in Ogden or the nearby northern Utah area, 1st Choice Money Center has better options.

Payday lenders aren’t here to help you – if that were the case, they would make their quick cash loans easier to repay. Instead, they require a balloon payment within a couple of weeks, creating a cycle of debt from which many Ogden borrowers have difficulty escaping.

Before you look into getting a payday loan, consider letting the 1st Choice team meet your short-term money needs. Borrowing from us is fast and easy, and paying us back won’t strain your budget.

Quick Cash Installment Loans

Unlike payday loan providers, we don’t have unreasonable repayment terms. Our quick cash lending programs feature monthly payments made up of both principal and interest – and our professional advisors make sure the amount due is affordable.

Installment loans from 1st Choice Money Center come with lengthy terms of up to two years, making it easier for Ogden borrowers to resolve the debt. Plus, on-time payments have the benefit of building credit. That won’t happen if you take out a payday loan.

We can get you approved for a quick cash installment loan within as little as five minutes, and you’ll be free to use the funds however you like. Have bad credit? That won’t be a problem – in fact, we don’t even run credit checks. To get the money you need, you simply must be employed and make at least $1,000 net each month.

family smiling in fron tof car

Affordable Car Title Loans in Ogden

If a quick cash installment loan can’t provide you with enough money to regain your financial footing, a car title loan from 1st Choice Money Center can be a smart option.

To qualify, you need to own a car and have sufficient equity to cover the amount you want to borrow. Provide us with the vehicle’s title and some other basic information, and we can get you approved and put cash in your hands fast.

As with all of our lending programs, our car title loans have no hidden costs and no pre-payment fees. Ogden borrowers with bad credit can get money with a title loan, and you don’t need a bank account to get approved. 

Ogden’s Choice for Fast & Easy Loans

With all that 1st Choice Money Center has to offer, why would anyone want to get cash from an Ogden payday lender? Our low interest rates, affordable payments, and favorable terms put us leagues above payday lenders. And we know our dedication to customer service is unmatched.

If you need extra cash right now, our alternatives to payday loans can provide that, while also setting you up to build a brighter financial future. Give us a call or contact us online to apply for a quick cash installment loan or car title loan today!