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Loan Process for Those With Poor Credit Ratings, Part 1

Recently in this space, we went over some of the top loan options available for those with limited or poor credit scores or credit histories. While finding loan funds can be a bit more difficult for those in this position, there are still several loan types available to meet your needs. At 1st Choice Money

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Lowering Grocery Bills on a Tight Budget, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how those faced with a tight financial budget can save money within the food and grocery realm. Costs in this area can add up over a given month, but with the right attention to detail and discipline, you can reduce your

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Lowering Grocery Bills on a Tight Budget, Part 1

For many Americans out there, getting by financially is a struggle. Many of us live paycheck-to-paycheck and may struggle with certain emergency costs when they crop up, and might be looking for resources in the event this happens. At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of short-term loan products

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Financial Tips for Applying Tax Return Funds

At 1st Choice Money Center, the name of the game for us is helping our clients with their finances through smart, non-predatory short-term loans like personal loans, title loans and other alternatives to misleading payday loans. In addition to providing such loan services, we also offer expertise and basic financial tips to many of our

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Loan Types for Those With Bad Credit Ratings

For those with bad credit who are in need of additional funds for a variety of potential reasons, the process can be stressful. Whether you need money for an emergency medical procedure, a period of unemployment or any other reason, you may be worried your bad credit will keep you from getting it.At 1st Choice

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Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money During the Holidays

For several reasons, those with budgetary concerns or in need of a bit of a cash infusion often feel the effects most strongly during the holiday season. Whether due to a need to buy gifts or year-end expenses coming up, this is a common time of year for many people to be in need of

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