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Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money During the Holidays

For several reasons, those with budgetary concerns or in need of a bit of a cash infusion often feel the effects most strongly during the holiday season. Whether due to a need to buy gifts or year-end expenses coming up, this is a common time of year for many people to be in need of

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Credit and Other Tips for the Best Short-Term Loan

For any type of short-term loan you might be considering to give you a quick financial boost, you want to secure yourself the best terms possible. Whether we’re talking loan amount, interest rate or several other factors, putting yourself in position to get a great loan term is vital for ensuring you’re able to repay

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Tips for Paying Down Various Loan Types in a Speedy Manner, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on paying down a loan debt quickly. There are many reasons why borrowers want to pay down their loans as fast as they can, from saving money on interest to improving their credit score and other areas of their finances. At

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Tips for Paying Down Various Loan Types in a Speedy Manner, Part 1

For every loan type out there, from smaller installment loans to the largest mortgages or car loans out there, borrowers are always looking for ways to pay down their balances faster. The quicker you can pay down a given loan, the less interest you pay over its life and the faster you can resume directing

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Comparing Signature Loans to Title Loans

For those in need of some quick cash to help solve a temporary financial bind of any sort, there are a few prominent options out there. Two such options, perhaps the most common in the installment loan world, are known as signature loans and title loans. At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re proud to offer

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How Short-Term Loans Benefit College Students

If you’re an upcoming college student, or the parent of one, did you realize that the average single-year cost of a four-year college in the US is above $26,000? Funding college or university attendance has never been tougher, even for parents and students who have been saving for years. At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re

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