At 1st Choice Money Center, it’s our pleasure to assist numerous clients in need of a financial boost with various direct lender loans in Eagle, Idaho and surrounding areas. We’ve been serving clients throughout Idaho for many years, assisting them with several different direct lender loan programs that serve as helpful alternatives to harmful predatory loans (which we do not offer).

Have you been struggling with credit or other debt issues that make other loan types more difficult to procure? We’re here to help. What if you’re simply in need of a quick cash infusion for an emergency expense or have a financial windfall coming that you just need some help bridging the gap until? We can provide several great options. Call us today to learn more about any of our direct loans.

Avoiding Predatory Payday Loans

You may have heard of the payday loan, which some unscrupulous lenders will attempt to lump in alongside many of our other short-term loan types. Do not fall for this – the payday loan is different, and is almost never a good idea for the borrower.

This is because payday loans charge ridiculous interest rates, plus require balloon payments that will roll over month after month, continuously. This often builds up major debt issues for borrowers who cannot pay on time, worsening their debt situation exponentially.

Our Alternative Programs

Rather than offer payday loans, however, we’re here to provide several robust alternatives to clients who may have short-term financial needs. Our loan programs include:

  • Personal loans: Loans that come with low interest rates and often only require a signature to receive funds (called a signature loan in these cases). Personal loans can range widely in terms of both loan sum and repayment period.
  • Installment loans: A very popular short-term loan that, unlike payday loans, allows for repayment of both the principal and loan interest simultaneously.
  • Title loans: A loan type where you put up your car’s title, which must be in your name, as collateral against a loan.

Quality Loan Staff

For any of the loans listed above you might be interested in, or for assistance determining the best program given your finances, you’ll be speaking with our quality professional loan officers. We hire only the best, plus train and promote a client-first approach to short-term loans that contains no hidden fees or predatory elements.

To learn more about our direct lender loans for short-term financial assistance in Eagle, Idaho, speak to the staff at 1st Choice Money Center today.