Are you looking for some short-term financial assistance or any kind of direct lender loan in Meridian, Idaho? Look no further. The pros at 1st Choice Money Center have been providing clients with numerous short-term loans to help meet their financial needs for years, featuring a number of quality alternatives to predatory payday loans that we refuse to offer.

If you’re struggling with credit issues or other financial problems that have made other loan types less realistic, we’re here to help. If you have no bank account or are lacking other common financials, we’ll assist you with several possible solutions available. Call us today for more information on what we’ll do for you.

Quality Loan Professionals

No matter what your financial situation and the sort of loan funds you’re looking for, you’ll receive assistance from quality loan professionals who put your interests first. We only hire trained loan professionals, and only offer quality loans that do not contain hidden elements or any predatory themes. We’ve assisted numerous clients with consolidating debt or managing brief periods of financial strain without damaging their overall finances.

Payday Loan Alternatives

Payday loans, a common type of short-term loan, have been found repeatedly to be predatory and borderline unethical. They charge incredibly high interest rates and require balloon payments that often put clients in horrible financial positions if they cannot pay, rolling over huge amounts of debt repeatedly until it’s built up into a major problem.

We’re here to break this cycle. We do not offer these predatory loans, but rather other programs that feature payment cycles that are much friendlier to clients, allowing them to lower their debts with each payment rather than building larger debt even as they pay it down.

Programs Offered

We offer each of the following loan programs:

  • Personal loans: Low-interest loans, also called signature loans in some cases. Repayment periods here will range from one to five years, and loan sums can vary significantly.
  • Installment loans: The most popular short-term loan allows for repayment of both the interest and the principal loan amount with each payment, a key difference from payday loans.
  • Title loans: Using the title of your vehicle as collateral, this sort of loan is great for those who have credit or other financial issues but have a car that is listed in their name.

For more on any of our direct lender loans in Meridian, Idaho, speak to the staff at 1st Choice Money Center today.