How to Get a Personal Loan in Utah or Idaho

Let’s face it, we all come up a little short from time to time — when there’s too much month left at the end of the money. That’s when you need a personal loan in Utah or Idaho. 1st Choice Money Center can get you the money you need, before it’s too late.

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Why You Need Money

Making enough money to live keeps getting harder, and it’s not just because of COVID-19. Wages are at a historic low. Minimum wage has not gone up for 11 years, and during this time, the cost of living has gone up 20%. It’s like the economy is rigged against working people.

The result is often that we have trouble paying our bills. It’s upsetting when we’re behind on our bills, worrying that the lights or the water will be turned off. And as bad as those things would be, some others would be worse.

If you’re seriously behind on your mortgage, you could face foreclosure and end up having nowhere to live. If you miss a few car payments, your car might be repossessed, and then you’d have no way to get to work, earn money and pay your bills. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s stressful.

But sometimes putting a little money down on an overdue mortgage or car payment can hold off foreclosure or repossession another month. And in that month, you might be able to figure something out and save your home or car.

Personal Loans in Utah and Idaho

When you need to buy yourself some time — even if it’s just a few days — come to 1st Choice Money Center for a personal loan.

The best part about getting a personal loan from 1st Choice Money Center is that we don’t require you to pass a credit check to be approved. After all, if you had money in the bank and good credit, you wouldn’t need a loan, would you? If you have bad credit, personal loans are still an option for you at 1st Choice Money Center.

Anyone can fall on hard times, and there should be no shame associated with it. Here at 1st Choice Money Center, we offer title loans as well as personal loans. And although most lenders require a bank account to approve your loan, we do not.

Getting Back on Your Feet

We understand the special challenges that can come with living and working in Utah or Idaho. When you live in the city, work is easier to find, but rents and other expenses are unaffordable. When you live in a rural area, your expenses are lower, but if you lose your job or your hours get cut, it can be hard to find a quick and easy replacement for the income you lost.

In the meantime, you might need a helping hand, and that’s what we offer at 1st Choice Money Center. Contact us today to learn more about car title loans or personal loans in Utah or Idaho, or simply apply online today.