Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money During the Holidays

For several reasons, those with budgetary concerns or in need of a bit of a cash infusion often feel the effects most strongly during the holiday season. Whether due to a need to buy gifts or year-end expenses coming up, this is a common time of year for many people to be in need of just a few extra funds.

At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re here to help. We offer various installment loans and title loan programs, a variety of solutions that serve as great alternatives to harmful payday loans. We’ve helped many individuals meet their holiday or year-end financial needs with a quick cash infusion, and we’ll be thrilled to do the same for you. In addition to some of our loan options, here are some basic tips on how to limit your holiday spending to keep it within a reasonable range this time of year.

budgeting saving money holidays

Budget and Shopping List

We all know how tempting it can be to overspend during the holiday season, especially once you’re inside stores doing their very best to draw you in. To help avoid impulse spending, make a specific holiday shopping budget for yourself well in advance, plus a general list of the things you want to try and get for those on your list.

If possible, place a rough dollar amount next to each person or item. As you set out on your shopping, whether in-person or online, keep the list with you and stick to it.

Secret Santa

If you have a larger extended family or group of friends, one way to save everyone some needed money over the holidays is to do a Secret Santa gift exchange rather than purchasing gifts for everyone. If you haven’t done one before, a Secret Santa is a program where everyone receives a single individual to buy a gift for at random (and in secret), then buys the gift within the budgetary limits you’ve set up as a group. This is a great way to make sure everyone close to you gets a gift, but no one goes overboard on spending.

Cards Over Gifts

For extended family or friends who you don’t see that often, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a nice, personalized holiday card rather than splurging on gifts for everyone. Holiday cards can be bought in bulk for an affordable price, making them a great alternative in many cases.

Discount Options

Finally, always be on the hunt for the kinds of discounts that are plentiful this season. Shop yard sales and flea markets if they’re available in your area, plus look for online discounts or coupons to use in stores. You can even consider going to the dollar store for wrapping paper instead of more expensive options.

For more on how to limit your holiday spending, or to learn about any of our short-term loan options to assist you over the holidays or any other time of year, speak to the staff at 1st Choice Money Center today.