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With us, you can get the funds you need in a flash. Our friendly loan advisors can guide you through the process, and you can qualify for a short-term, low-interest loan in as little as five minutes.

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Payday Loans with Affordable Payments

When you need fast cash, you could go to one of the many payday lenders in eastern Idaho. But why go that route when you can borrow money on an installment plan?

Our installment programs are an excellent alternative to payday loans, as we offer lower interest rates and scheduled, manageable payments. Most borrowers can take up to two years to repay the debt – and if you make your payments on time, you’ll help your credit score rise.

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Best Source for Fast Cash Loans in Idaho Falls

An installment loan from 1st Choice Money Center is a smart option for anyone who needs funds fast. We’re the preferred direct lending center in Idaho and Utah, and we don’t require a credit check or collateral for an approval.

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