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Here at 1st Choice Money Center, we don’t judge and we don't ask questions. All we want is to help you pay your bills while not missing out on doing the things you love. You can get quick approval for a short term loan up to $10,000.

  • Pay your utilities and rent
  • Purchase a car
  • Pay the deposit on a new apartment

The possibilities are endless!

High-Interest Loan Alternative

Our office here in Midvale specializes in installment loans, not high interest loans. These loans are a great choice for those with bad credit. You can get approved in just minutes, no matter what your credit report looks like. All you need is proof of employment, and once you're all signed up, the cash will be in your hands and ready to spend. Consider this option the next time a bill comes due before high interest.

Installment Loans for Midvale Residents

If you're a high credit risk, it can be difficult - even impossible - for you to get a traditional loan. Not so with 1st Choice Money Center, where you can be approved for an installment loan within five minutes. Consolidate your debt, then make scheduled payments for up to 24 months. Plus, you'll be paying down both the principal loan and the interest.

Car Title Loans in Midvale Utah

There's hidden capital in your car; why not use it to help you get approved for a title loan? Come down to our Midvale Utah location and be approved for up to $10,000. With no prepayment or hidden fees, these loans are a great option.

Don't get stuck in a never-ending high interest loan. Where other companies say no, 1st Choice Money Center says yes. You’re always pre-approved, and never have to pass through lengthy credit checks. Call us at 1-877-CASH-365 to discuss your options and get started today.

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