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Money isn't everything, but a little extra cash can help you through a tough situation. If you're a high-risk client or someone who is in need of temporary financial aid, come to 1st Choice Money for installment loans, or title loans in Salt Lake City, UT. Our trained and passionate staff are here to help.

Installment Loans

Want to pay us back over time? Try one of our installment loans in Salt Lake City, UT. The payment that you make on a regular basis will go towards both the interest that has accrued over time and the original principal amount borrowed.

Car Title Loans in Salt Lake City

Your car is one of your biggest assets, so use it. When you come in for a title loan, we can evaluate the value of your car and get you the money you need to make your next payment.

High-Interest Payday Loan Alternatives

It doesn't matter if you need extra money to buy groceries or pay off a utility bill. As long as you receive a regular paycheck, you can quality for one of our installment loans in Salt Lake City, UT.

For all of these loans, 1st Choice Money features a variety of benefits that can't be matched by competing companies. We are one of the only companies to offer a lightning-fast approval process. Your application will be approved in five minutes or less, regardless of your credit history. There are no checking account requirements.

We have 24 locations throughout Utah, so even if you aren't living near the city, you can find a cash solution that's fast and easy with 1st Choice Money. Give us a call today!

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