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Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Your car’s radiator conks out. An ant colony takes up residence underneath your floorboards. Your stove decides it’s had enough. To cope with all these and so many of life’s other unforeseen challenges, don’t settle for a payday loan, apply for a signature loan from 1st Choice Money Center in Salt Lake City. Our loan products are designed to address every borrower’s unique concern, from flexible payment schedules and immediate approval to manageable interest rates and more. Make us your first choice for the financial relief you need when things don’t go as planned. When payday seems far away and you need cash right now, we’re the ones to call.

Utah Installment Loans

Looking for a loan that spreads out your payment over a set time period? You may want to look into a short-term installment loan, which has more manageable interest rates and easier terms. Payment increments are kept reasonable, and typically are extended over 24 months. But unlike similar products from other lending companies, an installment loan from 1st Choice Money Center structures loan payments so that they contribute to both the principal and the loan interest. This prevents borrowers from getting on the dreaded loan debt treadmill, where payments only cover the loan interest while leaving the principal untouched.

What it amounts to is this: When you get an installment loan from us, you can expect to be debt-free sooner.

Car Title Loans for South Salt Lake Residents

If you need cash immediately and you own a car, you might want to consider getting an auto title loan from 1st Choice Money Center. You’ll get the cash you need, using your car as the loan’s collateral. With no credit check and a high likelihood of approval, this loan product is a popular option for people who have a spotty credit history. Just have your car appraised at any of our more than 125 locations throughout Utah and Idaho, and you could have the cash you need in five minutes. Best of all, you’ll have access to your car for the course of the loan.

High-Interest Payday Loan Alternatives

It doesn't matter if you need extra money to buy groceries or pay off a utility bill. As long as you receive a regular paycheck, you can quality for one of our installment loans in South Salt Lake City, UT.

For all of these loans, 1st Choice Money features a variety of benefits that can't be matched by competing companies. We are one of the only companies to offer a lightning-fast approval process. Your application will be approved in five minutes or less, regardless of your credit history. There are no checking account requirements.

We have 24 locations throughout Utah, so even if you aren't living near the city, you can find a cash solution that's fast and easy with 1st Choice Money. Give us a call today!

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