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Learn How to Get Quick Cash Through a Signature Loan in Utah

A signature loan is a loan product with no collateral to back it. If they qualify, they’re usually charged interest rates that are slightly higher than other loans. This increased interest is meant to cover the additional risk that the lending company is exposed to. Because the loan is not backed by any physical collateral and payback is dependent on the borrower’s good-faith commitment, the lender has to charge higher interest rates to make the loan viable. Signature loans are typically installment loans as well, which means they’re paid off through a regularly recurring fee, which allows borrowers to budget accordingly.

Is it Time to Get a Signature Loan?

If you’re looking into getting a signature loan, find out more about the product, so you can make an informed choice. Secondly, because signature loans are usually installment loans as well, you can more easily budget around your payments. There are a few things you should take into consideration before applying for a signature loan, however. Typically, signature loans are subject to higher interest rates, compared to other loan products. This is because, unlike other loans, signature loans aren’t backed by collateral. Instead, they’re granted based on a borrower’s good-faith commitment to pay the loan back along with whatever interest has accrued. Because the lender has nothing else to go on other than the buyer’s word of honor, they must charge higher interest rates to make the loan product viable.

How 1st Choice Money Center Helps

1st Choice Money Center was founded on the belief that giving people responsible loans was good business. Since then, we’ve helped members of our communities from Salt Lake City to Idaho and up and down the Wasatch Front get the cash they needed thanks to one of our low-interest loans.

We continued to earn their loyalty by offering reasonable terms – including waiving all pre-payment fees so our customers and their families could move on with their lives.

At 1st Choice we understand the importance of getting cash to our customers quickly – which is why we don’t require credit checks – or even a checking account – so we can approve your loan IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

We are accessible. With over 25 stores you can walk in to apply for a loan, ask a question or just say hello. Or you can reach us from the comfort of your living room by calling 1-877-CASH-365 (1-877-227-4365) or just apply online.

Our goal is to get you the help you need when you need it and to make the loan process as easy as possible.

Our customers have 0-12 months to pay off their loans but any of our loan products can be prepaid at any time with no prepayment penalties.

Our APR’s vary with our loan products. The maximum APR you will see is 600% but many of our customers qualify for lower rates. Contact us to find out how to get the lowest APR in the industry.

There are no hidden fees or costs associated with our loan products. You simply pay back the principal and accrued interest for every payment until your loan is paid in full.

Don’t hesitate.

Act now to get the cash that you need.

Contact us at 877-CASH-365 to apply for a loan today.