Qualities of a Good Personal Loan: Discounts, Flexibility, Experience

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the primary qualities you should be prioritizing in any personal loan you’re considering taking out. Doing your research ahead of any such loan is very important, and one vital part of this involves looking through your options and determining which areas of value are most important to you.

At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re happy to not only offer a wide range of different personal loan types, including signature loans, title loans and other quality alternatives to predatory payday loans (which we do not offer), but also to provide clients with some expertise on which loan program might be ideal for them. Here are a few of the other simple personal loan features you might be prioritizing as you choose from our list of options.

qualities personal loan flexibilityPossible Rate Discounts

While these won’t always necessarily be available to every personal loan applicant, many of our clients are able to take advantage of rate discounts that can save them a significant amount of money on the overall cost of their loan. If you have an offer code, or if you’re able to apply some kind of discount at the time of your loan application, be sure to ask about what might be available.

For instance, we will often offer a 0.25% rate discount to new clients who choose to apply for their personal loan online, as opposed to coming into one of our many brick-and-mortar locations.

Flexibility for Payments

Another important consideration when taking out a personal loan is how easy it will be for you to make your payments. At 1st Choice Money Center, we offer a few different payment options for our clients, all of which are designed to be as convenient as possible.

For instance, you can choose to have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account each month on the day that your payment is due. Alternatively, you can opt to make manual payments via check or money order each month. And finally, if you happen to have cash on hand when your payment is due, you’re more than welcome to come into one of our locations and make a payment in person.

A Good Customer Experience

Finally, it’s always important to make sure that you’re working with a lender who is committed to providing a good customer experience. At 1st Choice Money Center, we understand that our clients are trusting us with their financial well-being, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We know that the process of taking out a loan can be stressful, which is why we do everything in our power to make it as straightforward and easy as possible. Our loan representatives are always happy to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll work with you to tailor a loan program that meets your specific needs and budget.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our loan programs or services, speak to our team at your convenience.