More Ways to Lower Your Holiday Gift Expenses

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we went over some basic tips for those on a somewhat tight budget this holiday season. While the holidays involve increased spending for many in areas like gifts and special meals, those struggling with their finances are regularly looking for ways to celebrate the season without going overboard on their costs.

At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re here to help. Not only do we offer a variety of short-term loans, from auto title loans to signature loans and several other personal loan types, but we also provide our clients with basic expertise and tips on how to manage their money throughout the year, including during holiday season. Today’s part two of our series will dig into a few more areas to keep a close eye on with regard to holiday spending.

lower holiday gift expenses

Cards Over Gifts

Are you the type who likes sending some kind of holiday greeting or gift to a large number of people in your life? If so, and if you’re looking to keep the budget reasonable, one great method here is only selecting pricy gifts for the top few people (usually family members) on your list – then sending cards or greetings to everyone else.

This is a way to let people know you’re thinking of them without running up a huge spending tab. To go the extra mile, hand-write each individual card or note, showing friends and family that while you may not have endless funds to devote to them, you’re giving them the gift of your time and effort.

Online Discounts

One area that’s relatively obvious, but that we wanted to mention anyway, is taking advantage of online discounts. Various “Black Friday” sales and deals begin as long as a month before Thanksgiving for many online retailers, and there are numerous avenues to finding great discounts on the items you’re looking for. Many are able to save upwards of 50% on what they would have spent at another time of year, all without leaving the computer.

Wrapping Themes

For those you do purchase gifts for, a handy money-saver is in the realm of wrapping. Instead of spending big on brand new paper and other design elements, head over to a local dollar or thrift store – they’ll have numerous ideal wrapping options, many of which look good-as-new despite costing a fraction of other options. And as we noted above, if you combine these themes with hand-written notes and personal care, it will show those you’re buying gifts for that you truly care about them even if you haven’t spent a fortune on their gift.

For more on how to budget properly for holiday shopping, or to learn about any of our personal or installment loans to help with financial strain this time of year, speak to the staff at 1st Choice Money Center today.