Holiday Expenses: Discounts, Limiting and Secret Santa

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve been going over holiday budgeting and shopping tips for those with tight financial situations. This season can be stressful for those in this position as they look to buy great gifts for their friends and family despite budgeting concerns, but the right basic techniques will help you find great presents and bring in holiday cheer without breaking the bank.

At 1st Choice Money Center, we’re here to help those who are in temporary financial binds. We offer several short-term loan products, from signature loans to car title loans and many other high-quality alternatives to predatory payday loans (which we do not offer). Today’s final entry in our series will dig into a few more themes for keeping your holiday spending within reasonable ranges while still maximizing your enjoyment of the season.

holiday expenses discounts

Discount Events

There are a number of potential locations for buying holiday gifts, and these are not limited to stores or malls. Particularly for those looking for discounts and deals, there are a few other options.

One is the yard sale, which is less common during the winter but does still happen. Be sure to take proper COVID precautions if you do attend a yard sale, including wearing a mask and distancing from others. You may also consider flea markets and related locations, which you can search on Google and Facebook Marketplace. These are often great resources for finding quality gifts without spending a ton.

Gift Limiting

In other cases, you may have to consider limiting your gift numbers or budget for certain areas. If your extended family typically buys gifts for one another, for instance, but you and some others in the group are tight on funds, the family as a whole should discuss some general limits so no one feels embarrassed about purchasing a less pricey gift. Setting a reasonable limit helps eliminate any of this shame, plus ensures everyone gets a gift that’s at least somewhat similar in value and there’s no jealousy to worry about.

Secret Santa

One specific method for limiting gifts that many families, office groups or others take: Secret Santa, which involves each person in a given group being assigned someone else to buy a gift for – but this is the only person in this group you buy for. This is another area where the group will typically place a dollar limit on the purchase, and then everyone will be randomly assigned their person to buy a gift for.

For more on how to save money during holiday shopping and budgeting areas, or for more on our installment loans and other short-term loans for those with budgetary concerns, speak to the staff at 1st Choice Money Center today.