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If you’re considering a Utah payday loan, check out what 1st Choice Money Center has to offer before making your decision.

Although they get you the cash you need in a hurry, payday loans aren’t the best alternative for most people. These loans are typically expensive and the terms make repayment especially difficult.

The 1st Choice team offers a variety of affordable alternatives that will get you the cash you need today. Our low interest rates and practical terms help ensure that you can pay your loan off over time without stretching your budget to the breaking point.

What Is a Payday Loan?

When you hear this term, it is typically used to describe a high-interest loan that you must pay off on your next payday – typically in two weeks.

The problem with these terms is that few borrowers can come up with the entire repayment balance that quickly. When you fail to make your balloon payment, the lender starts hitting you with high interest-only payments. These payments keep the wolves at bay but they do nothing to reduce the amount of your debt.

If you take out one of these questionable loans, you could find yourself paying interest for months or even years without ever coming any closer to paying off the debt.

Consider the Alternatives to a Utah Payday Loan

Because we want our customers to succeed and retain their financial well-being, 1st Choice Money Center offers several practical alternatives to payday loans.

We offer personal loans, signature loans, title loans and installment loans. Our interest rates are low and our repayment terms make good financial sense. Each month, you make a scheduled payment that includes both principal and interest. That way, you’re paying down your debt with every payment. At the end of the term, your debt will be paid – no balloon payment and no getting stuck in the endless cycle of debt that is so common in the payday lending industry.

Utah’s First Choice for Personal & Installment Loans

The experts at 1st Choice Money Center have worked hard to create a variety of sensible alternatives to payday lending practices.

When you work with us, you will have a dedicated loan advisor to assist you through the process. We explain your options, answer all your questions and provide the information you need to make a wise financial decision.

Our streamlined processes ensure that you get the cash you need today with minimal time or hassle. In fact, we can have an approval for you in about ten minutes, even if you don’t have a bank account. In most cases, we don’t even need a credit check.

Stop by one of our convenient Utah locations or visit us online today to learn more about our loan programs. We are confident that you will see why we have become Utah’s preferred alternative to payday loan providers.

Don’t hesitate.

Act now to get the cash that you need.

Contact us at 877-CASH-365 to apply for a loan today.